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The French Chateau Escape

So many people dream of owning a chateau in France. But is 'living the dream' all it's cracked up to be? When Emma and Mark sell their London flat and buy a 'fixer-upper' of a chateau, they're pretty sure they can create a dream wedding venue. But living the dream isn't as easy as it seems.

Worldwide release:

8 November 2023



A Month in Provence

Interior designer Nicky always used to know how to make the best of things. Ever since she lost her husband though, things haven’t been easy. 

Then her best friend begs her to help out. Jenny is a TV exec and her new renovation show is in peril. Only Nicky can help.

The catch – Nicky needs to fly to Provence… tomorrow. To renovate a tumbledown B&B. Jenny doesn’t mention the fact that the grumpy B&B owner Robert seems to need a makeover too. Or that the budget is next to nothing…

Will Nicky be able to turn the B&B’s fortunes around, save her best friend’s job, and maybe even find some happiness for herself, under the blazing hot French sun this summer…?

Worldwide release:

11 July 2023


When Katy's husband asks for a break and her daughter disappears to Australia, she finds herself alone. Luckily, her friends scoop her up and take her on holiday to France. But will a healing holiday turn out to be life-changing?

A moving story about friendship, love and everything in between.

Worldwide release:

14 February 2023

One French Summer


After Lily is made redundant, a drink with a friend turns into an accidental bid for a French house on eBay. Can Lily take a leap into the life she's always dreamed of? And with husband Ben unwilling to join her, can she make a new life in France by herself?


29 September 2022 - all formats, Boldwood Books

A Year at the French Farmhouse


Claire's life is perfect. At least on paper. So why does she feel as if something is missing?


13 May 2021

Perfect on Paper


Jessica is living the dream... at least that's what her followers believe. Real-life is a lot more complicated.


28 May 2020 (UK)

26 Jan 2021 (US/Canada)

Everything is Fine

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