Rediscovering Me

This is not the first blog I've ever written.

For a while, I blogged prolifically about my four, then five children.

And it was great.

Now they're getting bigger - the youngest is 5, the oldest is 10 and while they still make sure my life is chaotic and wonderful and exhausting, I've begun to start to wonder who I am again.

I'm no longer the 31-year old on the cusp of motherhood, riddled with anxiety and OCD.

A lot has happened in ten years.

Motherhood has changed me and so has time. Mostly for the better (unless you ask the mirror).

I want to invite you on a journey in which I work out who I am again, and hopefully create a new, improved version of whoever this is. With fewer wobbly bits, less stress and - hopefully - more confidence in myself.

Here's hoping you enjoy the ride.

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