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Gillian Harvey is an author and mum-of-five. Her debut novel 'Everything is Fine' is out 28 May 2020 with Orion.

When she's not scribbling fiction, Gillian also writes magazine and newspaper articles and is currently a columnist for Talented Ladies Club and Writing Magazine.

Everything is Fine is published by Orion Fiction 28 May 2020

  Jessica Bradley has it all: the perfect boyfriend; influential healthy-eating blog; successful PR company and wonderful daughter, Anna. Or at least that is what her thousands of followers believe.

  The truth is, her boyfriend just broke up with her in four words on a post-it; her zest for healthy-eating has all but disappeared; her PR success is all reliant on her now not-so-honest online-life and she just got caught eating her daughter's Coco-Pops.

  So as they say: fake it 'til you make it. A few little white lies and phoney smiling selfies and Jess can keep up appearances. But when her real-life starts to spiral out of control how can Jess tell the truth from the lies? And will she be able to seize real happiness when it is right in front of her?

Praise for Everything is Fine

'I loved Everything Is Fine so much... [it] made me laugh out loud so many times. Highly recommend!' Lucy Vine, bestselling author of Hot Mess

'Feel-good, funny, and very relatable, Everything is Fine is the perfect escapist read.' Anna Bell, author of We Just Clicked

'A sparkling, energetic look at the perils of social media. It is funny and honest and everyone will recognize a bit of themselves in lovable Jessica #hugelyenjoyable' Elizabeth Buchan, bestselling author of The Museum of Broken Promises

'Just the escapism we all need right now' Evening Standard

'I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end, a real laugh out loud read.' Goodreads reviewer

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